For the health, comfort and convenience of all park patrons we ask that all guests abide by the park policies during their stay.


Abusive, disorderly, drunken, offensive behaviour and/or language will not be tolerated at any time and we reserve the right to ask offending guests to leave the park. Persons engaging in this behaviour face eviction from park. It is your responsibility to ensure any visitors to your cabin or site comply with this policy.


With the exception of some of our larger cabins which have car parks designed to accommodate two domestic vehicles, only ONE vehicle per site is permitted unless prior arrangements have been made.


Parents/guardians are responsible for the care, attention to and supervision of their children at all times and especially when children are using park facilities.


In the event of an emergency outside of office hours, park management live on the premises, immediately behind the office, and are contactable by phoning 03 5448 4421.

On arrival please familiarise yourselves with the park emergency procedures. Each cabin and en-suite powered site has a notice on a wall giving basic instructions in case of an emergency. Each cabin also has a folder with the same information contained therein. The tourist information folder handed to site occupiers on check in also contains this information and all the park communal facilities all have emergency information displayed on wall notices.


Open fires are NOT PERMITTED at any time in the park. This includes wood fired BBQ's. FIRE BANS are to be obeyed at all times. 


This building is adjacent to the camp kitchen. Unless as part of a park approved function, the preparation and/or consumption of food and the drinking of alcohol in this building is PROHIBITED. Open from 8.00 am until 10.00 pm - seasonal.


Operating hours are 8 a.m. until dusk. No use of the pillow is permitted outside of these times. Please read the signs posted in this area to assist in the use of the pillow as a piece of play equipment. In particular please note that it is the parent/guardians responsibility to supervise their children using the pillow. No use is permitted of the pillow while it is inflating or deflating. Shoes must not be worn on the pillow and overly rough or dangerous play is not permitted. Please do not use the pillow when it is raining or the surface of the pillow is wet as this creates a slip hazard.


Open 8.00 am until 9.00 pm. 


  • In consideration of all guests we require no noise after 10.00 pm.
  • In the event of a noise complaint, Management reserves the right to ask the offenders to cease the noise immediately and/or leave.  
  • Offensive or abusive language to our staff and/or other guests, will also not be tolerated and those persons involved will also be asked to leave.
  • Management reserves the right to make sure each and every guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


For the comfort and safety of all guests all on site CABIN accommodation and park facilities are smoke free zones. Park facilities include any building in the park, which includes the camp kitchen, whole of the amenities block, function room, recreation room, en-suite powered site buildings, office and workshop areas.

Smoking is permitted on the verandahs of cabins and in open areas of the park   We ask that windows and doors are closed to prevent the smoke from entering the cabins and  that it does not unreasonably interfere with the health, comfort and convenience of other park patrons.

Persons observed smoking in cabins will cause all patrons of that accommodation to be asked to leave the park without refund of any monies paid. An additional fee of up to $250.00 is payable and will be imposed to cover cleaning costs. The responsible person may also be charged additional fees related to securing alternative accommodation for incoming clients, either at our park or another accommodation venue.

On vacating a cabin, where there is reasonable cause to suspect a cabin patron has been smoking in a cabin, the cleaning fee of up to $100 will be deducted from your credit card account and further fees (as detailed above) may be applied if the cabin is not suitable to be occupied by incoming guests


We are a dog friendly park when staying on caravan and tent sites, in non-peak periods and by prior arrangement. We also have one 2 bedroom cabin specifically designed for our guests travelling with their four legged family member. Please enquire as to the availability of our Pooch Pad.


Will close down at 8.30 p.m. or upon DUSK, whichever comes first. These areas are OFF LIMITS after dusk/dark.  Please read the signs posted in this area to assist in the use of all of these areas. In particular please note that it is the parents/guardians responsibility to supervise their children using the above listed areas.


Open 8.00 am - dusk. No entry is permitted into the pool and spa areas outside of these times. NO ALCOHOL or FOOD is permitted within the confines of the pool and spa enclosures. NO GLASS, CROCKERY or CUTLERY is permitted within the confines of the pool or spa enclosures for safety reasons. Patrons are requested to observe the specific pool and spa rules posted on signs within the pool and spa enclosures for their safety and the safety of all persons in the pool and spa areas. Failure to observe these rules will lead to ejection from the pool and spa enclosure and may lead to eviction from the park.


Skateboards and Rollerblades are banned in the park. Please observe the normal laws and regulations regarding bike safety and the riding bikes around the park. No racing or deliberate skidding on our gravel roads is allowed within the park. Bikes and scooters MUST NOT be ridden on concrete pathways, especially around the amenities block and the function/recreational room together with the road entry to the Park . Bikes must not be taken into cabins.


Speed Limit In the park is walking pace, 5 km/hour STRICT ADHERENCE IS A MUST. Sufficient signage is in place to remind all guests.


  • Please see reception for information in relation to the closest car washing facilities.

If you are towing a trailer please advise the park as this may affect which site or cabin is best suited for you and where you are able to park your trailer as opposed to your vehicle.


Park facilities are for the use of park patrons only. Visitors are welcome under the following conditions:

  • To comply with our Insurance obligations, all visitors to your site/cabin MUST attend the office prior to entering the Park. Their vehicles must be parked in the visitor car park and not on any other site/cabin driveway/road/communal areas.
  • To aid response teams in the event of an emergency and to comply with our insurance obligations, all visitors to your site or cabin MUST, ON ARRIVAL, attend the office and register. As the registered site or cabin occupier IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your visitors comply with this requirement.
  • Must comply with all park policies
  • Must vacate the park by 10 p.m.
  • Should visitors stay after 10 p.m. they will be considered additional guests and your account will be charged accordingly

Park management reserves the right to prohibit entry to and/or remove persons from the park, without refund of any monies paid, for breaches of park rules or procedure and/or where the safety, health, comfort or convenience of park patrons, or other persons within the park, or elsewhere, has been, is being, or may be affected by that person or persons being denied entry or removed.